Conway Recreation Committee consists of community volunteers  who bring fun activities to the community all year long.

J&J Hoagie Sale benefiting Conway Recreation Committee

18" Traditional Italian Style Hoagie $7.00
18" Double Meat Traditional Style Hoagie $8.00
18" Turkey & Cheese Hoagie $8.00
18" Beef-N-Cheddar Hoagie $8.00
18" Italian Pizza Hoagie $8.00
18" Baked Ham & American $8.00
18" Tuna Salad Hoagie $9.00
18" Italian Deluxe Hoagie $9.00
18" Deluxe Cold Cut Combo $9.00
Pepperoni & Cheese Rolls (2) $6.00
12" Homestyle Cheese Pizza Pack $7.00
12" Homestyle One Topping Pizza Pack $8.00
Apple Dumplings - 4 Pack $8.00

Money and orders due prior to September 16, 2016
Pick - Up at the Conway VFD September 22,2016 between 4 & 6 PM.
Local delivery may be arranged.

Traditional Italian Style Hoagie
Hard salami, bologna, chopped ham, and yellow & white American Cheeses on a fresh baked Italian roll.
Double Meat Traditional Style Hoagie
Same as our traditional, but double meat!
Turkey & Cheese Hoagie
Fresh oven roasted turkey breast piled on an Italian Roll, topped with yellow & white American Cheeses.
Beef-N-Cheddar Hoagie
Fresh deli roast beef topped with sharp cheddar cheese on our freshly baked roll.
Italian Pizza Hoagie
Italian Salami and pepperoni topped with shredded mozzarella and provolone xheeses on a fresh baked roll.
Top it off with our homemade Italian pizza sauce.
Baked Ham & American
We use fresh baked Virginia Ham and top it with American Cheese.
Tuna Salad Hoagie
Fresh tuna salad on our Italian roll
Italian Deluxe Hoagie
Genoa Salami, Capicola Ham, baked ham, Calabrese Salami and provolone cheese on a fresh baked Italian Roll.
Deluxe Cold Cut Combo
Baked ham, turkey breast, roast beef and Swiss Cheese on an Italian Roll.
Pepperoni & Cheese Rolls
Sliced peperoni, mozzarella and provolone cheeses baked into a fresh white bread dough.
Each roll measures approximately 6 inches.
Homestyle Cheese Pizza Pack
A 12" homestyle pizza shell together with our homemade pizza sauce and a special 3 cheese mix.
Homestyle One Topping Pizza Pack
A 12" homestyle pizza shell together with our homemade pizza sauce and a special 3 cheese mix.
* Toppings include pepperoni, mushrooms, extra cheese, sausage, onion*
Apple Dumplings - 4 Pack
Baked fresh, these dumplings make for a great dessert. Individually packaged. Frozen ready to bake apple dumplings
complete with a packet of cinnamon sauce.



Poland Funeral Home  - 901 First Ave., Conway

Talerico's Bar and Grill  -  2300 Duss Ave., Ambridge

Maple Restaurant - 463 Maplewood Ave., Ambridge

Daniel M. D'Antonio Attorney at Law - 300  9th St., Conway

Denise and Zach Vasilakis - Conway Residents

Ms. Nancy Sisley  - Conway Resident

Conway, PA

New members and volunteers always welcome!

We meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM at the Conway VFD (corner of Foote & Gross)

We have great options for high school students in need of community service hours. Contact us to learn more!